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Criminal Defense

Zachary Simonoff accepts clients for a whole range of criminal matters.

I have been practicing Criminal Law and have been a Criminal Defense Attorney since 2000.  I am a member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  I have tried numerous cases both to juries and the bench.

Consumer Law

Have you purchased a car that does not work as intended? Are you being harassed by credit card collection agencies? Have you paid for a repair that wasn’t fixed? If you feel you have been wronged by a company, the Simonoff Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected. The Simonoff Law Firm handles your claims in an effort to keep companies honest, and to make sure you receive fair treatment under the law.

Foreclosure Defense

The Foreclosure Crisis has hit our community very hard.  With extensive layoffs, the closing of industries in Lorain County, and the crash of subprime lenders, Lorain County is suffering under a deluge of Foreclosures.

Along with a number of other local Attorneys, I am litigating Foreclosure cases with the goal of saving the American Dream for as many of my neighbors as possible.


Best lawyer around

I have had to turn to Attny Simonoff for a few matters over the years. I won't go to any other lawyer. He is the only one I trust whole heartedly. I reccomend him to anyone that needs an honest upfront lawyer.

Can not go wrong Having Zach on your side

I hired Zach, in Sept of 2010, after I decided to fight a foreclosure. He was upfront with what I would need to do to keep my house, as well as other options. His explanation of the process was easy to understand. Zach, kept me informed with what was going on thru emails or telephone calls. His fees were very acceptable for his services. I provided the documents he had asked for on a monthly basis as laid out in our initial meeting, as well as the monthly payment for his services and he talked with the mortgage company and their attornys. If there was any questions from the mortgage company, Zach was in touch with me to let me know what was needed. Zach is very professsional and proficent. He will keep you informed as to what is going on with your case. I have and will recommand anyone going thru this situation which is traumatic to the home owner to go to Zach. I have been at ease with him handling my case. And because of his actions, I got to keep my house. Thank you Zach.
David Chopcinski

This is the guy you want on YOUR side

Atty Simonoff is very knowledgeable and resourceful He thinks outside of the box, pays attention to detail and clearly has a passion for helping his clients. His fees are very reasonable and he is mindful of incurring unnecessary expenses. I was referred to him by the Lorain County Bar Association and it was the best phone call I made! My case involves foreclosure/real estate/probate law. In a time of uncertainty in my life, he has showed me I am in good hands.


I hired Zachary Simonoff . He is very professional and explained possible outcomes of my case. He was very knowledgable of the court system. He does as he says . I would recommend Mr. Simonoff for legal services. Thanks for his time he put forth in my matter.

Professional & Compassionate Service

I hired Zach to represent me in my criminal defense case. He and his staff were patient with me throughout the long and difficult process of defending myself in court. I believe that without Zach's representation, I would have ended up with a much worse outcome than I did. Since I did not have any past experiences in court, it was good to have someone there for me who was able to respond to my many questions and who was confident and reassuring at every interaction. Zach did not promise me the world, but he also helped me feel like my life was not coming to a halt. I was glad to have someone like Zach on my side.


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