If you have been served with a Complaint for Foreclosure you are nervous and do not know where to turn.  Understand that each Foreclosure situation is different and requires an Attorney with experience in this area of law.

Most people receive conflicting opinions and statements about whether they can keep their house.  They receive direct mail solicitations from companies all over the United States that profess to save their home and charge thousands of dollars, through loss mitigation specialists.  What is really needed is a licensed Attorney that is well versed with Ohio’s Foreclosure Law and practices in this area.

Zachary B. Simonoff, has been a leader in Foreclosure Defense since 2007, and has chaired the Foreclosure Section of the Lorain County Bar Association, and is currently a Co-Chair of the Real Estate Section.  He will help you save your home, if it can be saved.  He will help you minimize the negative effects of losing your home if it cannot.

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Commonly asked questions are:

What to bring to your first appointment

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What is the time frame for Foreclosure Lawsuit

What is a deficiency Judgment and how does is affect me

Why won’t Mr. Simonoff accept a representation before a Foreclosure Lawsuit is filed