If you are the suspect of a criminal investigation you should immediately call a lawyer, such as Zachary B. Simonoff, to represent you.

If you are ever brought in for questioning by police, you use your right against self-incrimination and inform the officer that you want a lawyer and will not answer any questions without one present.  It is very important that you are clear about invoking your right to have a lawyer present before you answer any questions.

Things you should be aware of:


2. You cannot talk your way out of the situation, you can only talk your way into new trouble.

3. A Police officer cannot make a binding promise to you about what would happen to you if you cooperate.

4. You have an absolute right not to say anything to the police and to have a lawyer present when you are questioned.  It’s there for a reason USE IT. Call Zachary B. Simonoff.

5. If the police request to search your home, car, or handbag and politely tell them “no.”

6. You can record your interaction but tell the officer that you are doing it.